5 excellent eco-apps for your iPhone or iPad

Apps, bringing together environmentalists and lovers of the iPhone and iPad are green for most rare. Although they are relatively few at present may be, there are a handful of green applications out there to minimize the impact on the earth.

Green your device -So go on. We give you a head start with 5 environmentally friendly applications we dug and planted with care for you below. (Stay for 6 more in our next Green Tech in your lap.) All are educational, fun and easy to use.

1. My carbon footprint
Price: Free 
Download : My carbon footprint

brave enough to see what really looks like your carbon footprint? Then let your carbon footprint is the judge of how clean and green you are. You’ll flash application, how to live, work, eat and talk, and it tells you how to influence the mother earth and its fragile environment. The app will send you a new day of harvest rewards to encourage eco-tips and you with cool badge and show Facebook for a good bonus green. You get the fearless leader of your own virtual

2. Solar Panel Advisor
$ 1.99 Download: Solar Panel Advisor

solar Advisor is a brilliant application of eco-educational, which lets you view iPad iPad or 2, which could make a solar panel for you. (But do not expect you to another tablet itself, or certain expenses by the sun, okay?) Run the application, the face of your iPad toward the sun, and how solar energy could be generated by a solar panel the same size as the radiation intensity. Discover how solar energy is the heat of the atmosphere and your electric bill and, as cloud cover and precipitation of solar energy production. People who have already been infected and lasting can use the application for remote monitoring of solar panels at home and get the automatic holding signs and memories of cleaning.

Schade solar advisor does not use the free software (and pollution) of the sun’s energy to power your Tablet Voltaic Solar Spark iPad would be supported, for example. Want more mobile solar gadgets decisions? See our list of iPad loving the hot sun and iPhone chargers, and more.

3. Beekeeping Guide 
$ 2.99 Download: Beekeeping Guide

If you hum of bees a safe, pesticide-free (and Get Busy), the hexapod protect adults from Colony Collapse Disorder, help pollinate our landscape, and make your contribution to the future of our power to ensure supply. Get your own hive in the field of beekeeping guide with easy to read eBook app everything you need to know to make your own bee to provide sanctuary. If New York apartment dwellers in the city can keep bees on the roof, you can imagine what to do in your garden. 

4. Ma trash
Free Download: Recycling My list

Recycling: It’s good for the bottle, and may provide a good – that is, if to know where and how to recycle. 1-800-Recycling.com the free app uses your iPhone’s built-in GPS technology to find the conjecture, recycling locations near you. Its user-friendly database lists some 120,000 locations in the United States and Canada. Search by zip code (or with the interactive map) related to waste disposal facilities. Allow drilling application that accept recycling plants, and how, including:. no e-waste, plastic, metal, paper, glass, appliances, hazardous materials and waste from the automotive and garden

recycling centers electronic waste is the only place in the eco-gap aware of your unwanted gadgets. See our list of options started e-bike, and turn your old electronics in the other type of green, we

should save

-. Money

5. Control4 My homepage
Free Download Control4

Control4 makes your My Home iPad in energy efficiency for all vacuums remote devices, lighting and power control or designs in your home. You have full control of your home (or workplace is) computers, web cameras and home theater systems, cooling, heating and security systems, all with a flick of the finger on the screen of your tablet. There is one problem: The application only works with (and incredibly expensive, incredibly) Control4 automated, all-in-one energy-efficient home. But you get to play with the omnipotence of the volume, music, lights and thermostat anywhere in your home at any time – without anyone knowing it was you. Oh, yeah!

back for the next Green Tech yours if we get 6 more eco shed excellent applications for you and your iPad or iPhone.

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