Canary Islands Tourist Attractions

When seeking out the best canary islands tourist attractions, think nature. Indeed beautiful natural attractions abound on all seven of these islands.

The warm climate makes the Canaries an excellent place for a beach holiday, and the islands have some of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe.

Those with an interest in horticultural sites will also be pleased with a visit to the Canaries, as the islands are home to many lush gardens. If you’re looking to get a bit off the beaten path to experience some Spanish culture, there are some picturesque villages on the islands that are worth a tour as well. I’ll bring you a more detailed look at some key locations in the Canaries in a future post.

For now, take a look at the above video clip from La Palma island, for a taste of the great scenic beauty that awaits you as a tourist to the Canary Islands.

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