Dear Mr. (or Ms.) Property Management Executive…

As I travel the country, talking with on site staff, I hear a lot of the same comments and complaints from these hard working folks. So, as I have done in the past, I’ve assembled their most common issues they have with their owners and/or management companies.( I also get these remarks via email and even occasionally by phone.)

Oh, and please don’t shoot the messenger folks. I’m just telling you what I hear.

So, here in no particular order, are some reasons why your site level staff might not respect you.

1. You’ve never worked a day on site, therefore, you really can’t relate to me.

2. You’ve never had to talk to residents about their loud sex, their out of control children, their barking dog or their bounced check.

3. You’ve never found a dead body. (For the record, a lot of us who work on site HAVE found dead bodies.)

4. You say things to me (and to my team members) that are completely irrelevant to our jobs, proving to us just how out of touch you are with site level people.

5. You can wear jeans or something very casual to work every day because your office is ‘business casual’. We can’t do that on site, so please don’t wear your jeans to our site offices. Respect the fact that we have to dress professionally.

6. We know you sometimes fly in a private jet because you mention it often enough and it filters back to us. Many of us have never flown on any jet. Period.

7. We work the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Easter Sunday and many other holidays that are ‘paid holidays’ at the corporate office.

8. Whenever you make cuts, they seem to affect us at the site more than at the corporate office. If we work for a REIT, we can look up your pay. We know it’s waaay more than ours. But we still see you cut the $30,000 person at our site, making us work harder – and we don’t get an increase even though we now have less people to do the same job. But again, we know what you make.

9. When you come for a site inspection, you’re often either late or don’t show up at all. When you do come, you’re typically on your cell phone the entire time. You take our offices for private meetings when we are trying to work, leaving us with no workspace. And we know you only find out our names seconds before you walk in the door so you can use them when you talk to us.

10. You record our phone calls, video shop us and more. Would you ever let us listen to your calls? Didn’t think so.

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