Famous Spain Landmarks

Another of the more famous Spain landmarks that will be of interest to historians is the Torre del Oro, or Tower of Gold in Seville. As you can see from the picture, the tower is not actually gold in color, leading to much speculation about the origins of its name. Nevertheless, the structure remains an impressive and historically significant landmark.

Torre del Oro was constructed during the 13 century and has served numerous purposes. For a time, it was a prison. It has also been an observation point to ensure the security of the area.

Access to a river adjacent to the tower was restricted by means of a metal chain that was connected from the structure, to another structure that once stood on the river’s opposite bank. Today the tower is an historic landmark and noted tourist attraction.

Inside is a naval museum, and an interesting collection of historical documents and artifacts. If you are planning a trip to southern Spain, and are interested in its military and local history, you’ll enjoy a visit to Torre del Oro.

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