One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Be warned: One Size Doesn’t (and never has) Fit All.

Have you ever tried some of those products? Often, they’re either too big or too small. They just don’t fit quite right. So you have to make tweaks to make the product work.

The same can be said of apartment marketing products. From this point forward, please be advised that:

1. Print is not dead. It works very well for thousands of properties and helps drive eyeballs to the internet. If it’s dead for you, fine. That doesn’t mean it’s dead for everyone else.
2. Social media is neither the great ‘answer’ to all marketing questions, nor is it free. And guess what? It, too, is not for everyone.
3. Internet works for tax credit properties! Wow, who would have thought that tax credit renters have access to the internet? While this information seems to surprise many, it shouldn’t. Internet access is available everywhere, no matter what your income level is.
4. You don’t have to have a model apartment home. If it makes sense, and you can afford to have an apartment offline and not generating revenue, sure. If you’re always full and like the income, have a virtual tour made for you by the fine folks in the Crossfire division at
5. You don’t need a pricey, fabulous brochure to lease apartments. Many properties are going to simply ‘print on demand’ to save resources.

Next time an industry individual gives you the ‘you gotta have blah blah blah’, ask them how much they know about your market, your product and your demographic. If they haven’t done their homework, their opinion is pretty much ‘one size fits all’.

And we all know that simply isn’t true.

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