Spain Tourist Attractions: Experience the Alhambra

In any list of Europe’s best attractions, the Alhambra will almost certainly appear near the top. I would say that it is by far the best of the Spain tourist attractions that a visitor to Granada will find. Indeed, if you are in southern Spain, this is one sight you can’t afford to miss.

For those that aren’t familiar with the Alhambra as yet, it is a large palace and fortress complex, perched atop a hill overlooking Granada. Built largely in the fourteenth century, this sprawling structure served as a home for Muslim rulers in Granada, during a period of time when Christianity was becoming a much more powerful force in Spain.

The Alhambra complex is a place of majestic atmosphere, populated with many ornate palaces and looming towers that offer fantastic views of the city below. The architectural and artistic elements in each area of the Alhambra complex makes for an awe inspiring visit.

You will be particularly impressed with the Patio de los Leones. This courtyard area is home to twelve beautifully carved lion figures surrounding a central fountain. All around this area are beautiful pillars and colored tiles that make the Alhambra such an amazing place to visit.

This area of Alhambra is part of the Nasrid Palace, perhaps the most popular and exquisite area of the structure. This palace alone serves to make the Alhambra one of the best Spain tourist attractions in the southern part of the country. Throughout this section be sure to take note of the ornate arches, and finely crafted carvings you will find. (Do keep in mind that because this palace is so popular, you will be allotted a specific time to view it when purchasing your ticket).

The Generalife Gardens of the Alhambra offer another wonderful element to your tour which you can’t afford to miss. The greenery here is beautiful, and gives the gardens area its own special atmosphere. The rushing of fountains that you will hear while visiting the garden area only heightens this atmosphere.

As a side note, if you are particularly interested in viewing the gardens, they are generally at their best in the early summer.

One final thing to keep in mind when planning a visit to the Alhambra has to do with ticketing and arrival time. You do have the option to purchase tickets online; however, you might also choose to buy them at the ticket office so you can be sure that you won’t miss your time slot for the Nasrid Palace. If you do plan to purchase on site, I recommend getting to the complex as early as possible to maximize the time you have to spend at Alhambra.

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