Spain Tourist Attractions: Loarre Castle

One of the goals I have for this blog is that it should offer you information about as many notable Spain tourist attractions as possible. Today, I would like to start this off by telling you about Castillo de Loarre in Huesca Provence, Spain. Located less than an hour by train from Madrid, Huesca and the castle make an unforgettable side trip if you are based in the capital.

Being a fan of historical attractions myself, I would highly recommend a visit to Loarre Castle. With its construction started in the eleventh century, Loarre is the oldest fortress castle complex in Spain. It is remarkable how well this structure has stood the test of time. Indeed, two of the rowers which still stand on the grounds today are from the first period in Loarre’s construction.

Spain Tourist Attractions: Loarre Castle

Considering that they date back to about the fourteenth century, the imposing outer walls of the fortress, and their accompanying towers are equally impressive. The historical significance of the complex has long been recognized. A major restoration of the castle, took place in the early nineteenth century, and there have been a number of other campaigns which were undertaken to preserve the structure in more recent times. More than a century ago, the castle became one of Spain’s national monuments, and it remains a popular attraction today.

Some of the contemporary interest in Loarre Castle can no doubt be attributed to its presence in film. (Several scenes from the popular 2005 movie Kingdom of Heaven were filmed on the grounds). Hollywood’s interest in Loarre Castle will come as no surprise to you once you have had an up close view. Although the entrance to the complex can be reached by car, I recommend arriving on foot if you are able. Walking from the village below to the entrance will afford you some great photographic opportunities, and a more atmospheric experience.

Once you arrive at the castle, you can elect to undertake one of the 50 minute guided tours that are offered in several languages (including English), throughout the day. The price of admission for adults is 2 Euros or 3.50 Euros with guide. Given the low cost of entry, and the fact that the castle is an easy, and relatively inexpensive side trip from Madrid, I would say that Loarre Castle is one of the more exceptional Spain travel deals in the northern part of the country for tourists interested in historical sightseeing.

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