Spain Travel Deals: Bargain Chinese Meals in Benidorm

Typically when I am recommending restaurants which I feel offer the best Spain travel deals for tourists to any Spanish city, I generally try to refer them to the best options for local cuisine. I feel that one of the most enjoyable things about any international holiday, is having the opportunity to sample the foods that a country is most known for. That being said, I realize that travelers do have their favorite dining preferences, and they may want to look for a specific variety of cuisine while in Spain.

For this reason, I want to tell you about a particular Chinese restaurant that I think offers excellent Spain travel deals for your money. The establishment I am referring to is the China Garden restaurant at Avenida Doctor Severo Ochoa, 2 in Benidorm.

Spain Travel Deals: Bargain Chinese Meals in Benidorm

Now there are quite a few Chinese restaurants in Benidorm, but I have yet to find one that offers food at such a high level of quality for such low costs to the customer. When you visit this restaurant for the first time, you will notice that they have quite an extensive, and varied menu. This is always a plus for me when selecting a restaurant, especially if I am dining with friends or family. Such a large menu means that you will find something to suit every taste at China Garden. If you are not very familiar with Chinese cuisine, the restaurant can also be very enjoyable as it affords you the opportunity to sample such a good variety of foods.

If you’re looking for low cost options, be sure to check out the set menu items at China Garden. I find these options particularly impressive as they include several courses with a half bottle of wine for around five Euros. Such a good price is fairly unusual for a resort town like Benidorm. Even if you don’t order from the set price menu, you are unlikely to spend more than 10 Euros per person for an evening here.

What makes this restaurant an even more attractive dining option is the staff. They help to create a very inviting, and laid back atmosphere for the restaurant. They also seem to remain upbeat and attentive to each individual customer regardless of how large the evening crowd is. (I will say, this place does seem to be full most of the time, and you will find that many locals recommend it for visitors). When looking for the best Spain travel deals at restaurants or for anything else, I have found that the opinion of locals is often the best indicator of how good an establishment is apt to be.

So, in short, upon taking into account the quality of food and service, the special attention that is taken to ensure that you have a good dining experience, and the low price of a meal, I would recommend China Garden to any tourist to Benidorm. The restaurant offers some of the best Spain travel deals for a Chinese meal that you are likely to find in the city.

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