Spain Travel Deals: Cheap and Delicious Tapas in Seville

As my last post dealt with Spain travel deals that can be found on accommodation in Seville, I thought it appropriate to highlight one of the many good restaurants to be found in the city for this article. Today, I want to tell you about Taberna Coloniales, a bar and tapas restaurant at Plaza Cristo De Burgos 19, in central Seville.

The first thing to take note of regarding this establishment is it’s seemingly wide spread popularity among both tourists and locals. If you ask people about reasonably priced restaurants in Seville serving authentic Spanish dishes, they are almost sure to mention Taberna Coloniales. Indeed, if you are looking for a good Spain travel deals in Seville; this is one restaurant you will not want to miss. The prices here are lower than almost any similar establishment. (You won’t pay more than 10 Euros, or $15 US dollars, for anything on the menu).

Spain Travel Deals: Cheap and Delicious Tapas in Seville

In addition to the excellent prices, Taberna Coloniales is simply an interesting place to dine. The building is in a scenic location with a number of outdoor tables which allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of one of southern Spain’s most vibrant city centers. The inside of the establishment is quite small, and because this place is so popular, you do need to be prepared to wait for a table. I would recommend arriving early in the evening if you plan to go for dinner. You can always have a drink at the bar inside while you wait for a table, and just enjoy the atmosphere.

The small size of Taberna Coloniales, coupled with the flurry of activity you will find on any evening here, gives the restaurant a cozy and inviting feel. The decor adds a uniquely Spanish touch to the environment, making this location one of the better Spain travel deals in Seville for tourist looking for a truly authentic experience.

In addition to being quite inexpensive, you will find that this restaurant offers very generous portions. Any of the tapas on offer here will make a delicious full meal. You will also notice that the menu is quite large and varied. There are some interesting varieties of tapas that you might not find in other establishments. There are many tasty options, so you are sure to find something here that appeals to you. If you plan to stay in Seville for awhile, I recommend visiting this place more than once to try out some of the different items on offer.

You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the staff at Taberna Coloniales. They are friendly and quite helpful to visitors. Even though the restaurant is almost always full, they seem to have orders ready in a very timely manner, and are quite equipped to handle the large daily crowds.

All in all, this is an excellent place with a good reputation throughout Seville. Visitors are sure to enjoy a good inexpensive meal here. I hope this review is useful to you in your holiday planning. Please come back to the site soon for more information about Spain travel deals.

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