Spain Travel Deals: European Discount Airlines

Any European travelers looking for Spain travel deals on airfares have undoubtedly come across both easyJet and Ryan Air. For those who don’t know already, these two companies are among the biggest players in discount air travel within Europe. Today, I wanted to do a quick post about some of the advantages and disadvantages you may face when using either of these two companies to travel around Spain, or within another area of Europe. (Please not that this post will not be relevant for anyone looking to book tickets to Spain from outside of Europe. However, if you ate planning to visit multiple Spanish cities, or go on an extended European holiday, you may find it useful).

First let’s take a look at Ryan Air. A look at the front page of their website will usually reveal the current deals that are being promoted. This airline is well known for advertising very low fares (sometimes as low as one British pence) for a one way trip. This may sound unbelievable, but you need to remember that this price is before taxes. In, my experience, it is also unlikely that you will find such a cheap price for both the outgoing and return segments of your trip.

Spain Travel Deals: European Discount Airlines


Another issue that I have has with Ryan air in the past is that they offer service to more out of the way airports for some flights. For example, if you want to travel to Barcelona, Ryan Air only offers flights to Reus. From this airport, it is roughly a 90 minute journey to Barcelona’s city center. With easyJet, you can book a ticket directly to Barcelona airport. The trade off here is that easyJet tickets can be a bit more expensive. However, when looking for the best Spain travel deals, I feel it is important to factor convenience into the equation.

While on the subject of ticket price, I have to say that I prefer easyJet’s method of including all the taxes in their quoted price right from the start. (Everything is included except for an optional fee for any hold bags, and a third party tax. Both of these fees are revealed later in the checkout process).

Of course, anyone would agree that the prospect of getting a Ryan Air ticket for just one pence is enticing, but I would personally prefer to see all the taxes included in the price up front. With regard to customer service, I have been reasonably satisfied with both airlines. They both offer the basic level of service that you might expect from a discount service, and both offer the convenience of an electronically available boarding pass.

Overall, I tend to choose Ryan Air for price, and easyJet for convenience, when they offer a route closer to my end destination. I would recommend that that you check with both companies before booking a ticket. I would also suggest that you do not discount large carriers, as research will often uncover some excellent Spain travel deals from them as well.

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