Spain Travel Deals on Train Tickets

In planning your trip to Spain, you may decide that you would like to visit a number of cities while you are there. Luckily, there are many Spain travel deals on different forms of transportation within the country. One mode of transport that often offers significant discounts is train travel.

Spain has an extensive rail network that will allow a visitor traveling by train to reach major destinations quite easily. If you are looking to use the train as your primary form of transport between Spanish cities, you may want to look at purchasing a rail pass so that you can travel at a reduced cost. This article will give some details about what a rail pass does for the traveler, and the kinds of deals you can expect to find. Primarily, we will look at information from Rail Europe (a US based site). Other countries offer similar sites where you can buy rail passes to use in Spain. Before making any purchase, be sure that you are eligible to buy a ticket from the site you are using.

Spain Travel Deals on Train Tickets


Before giving more details about Spain Travel Deals with Rail Europe, it is useful to define what a rail pass is. With normal train tickets, you purchase a ticket every time you need to travel. This ticket entitles you to travel from Point A to Point B, and back again (for roundtrip tickets). With a rail pass, you buy one travel document with which you can use the train as much as you want within a given period. This means, you will be able to get on and off in different cities throughout the duration of your trip without buying additional tickets.

But, what kinds of passes are available for travel in Spain? Rail Europe offers a number of different passes, with varying prices for adults, children, youths (age 12-25), and seniors over age 60. To give you an idea of what you might expect to pay, at the time of this writing, Rail Europe offers a 7 day Spain Pass for adults at a price of $351 (second class). The pass allows you to travel for 7 days total within a two month period. For these seven days, you can use the Spanish train system as much as you like. Youths age 12-25 would pay $337 for the same pass, and both children and seniors currently pay $177.

There are also deals for travelers wishing to visit more than one country during their trip. 15 day Global passes for youth travelers cost $482, and allow the bearer to travel in more than 20 European countries (including Spain). A similar pass is available to those traveling together in groups of 2-5. The Global group pass sells for just $315 per traveler. There are many good deals for travelers headed to Spain and beyond on sites like rail Europe. To get the best price, try to plan where you want to go ahead of time, and decide how long you will be traveling.

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