Spain Travel Deals: Planning for a Cheaper Trip

What I would like to discuss with you today is my preferred method of travel structure when on holiday. I want to suggest that in order to get the best Spain travel deals, you should pick one specific area of the country to explore on any one holiday, and plan your tour of this area in a way that has you enjoying the kinds of sites and activities that really match up your your personal preferences.

A quick example should make this quite clear. I have mentioned on the blog a number of times, that I enjoy visiting historical sites of interest whenever I take a trip. Aside from making the rounds at such places, I also enjoy a nice beach holiday, as Spain has a lot to offer for the beach lover.

Spain Travel Deals: Planning for a Cheaper Trip

If I were asked to recommend a destination in Spain for someone with similar kinds of interests, I would probably point them toward Granada. I said in a previous post that I believe the Alhambra to be one of Spain’s most impressive and historically important sites. Indeed, no history lover would want to miss it. Granada would also be a nice choice because of its close proximity to the beach resort town of Mortil. I feel that Mortil offers one of the best Spain travel deals for a day trip from Granada, because it can be reached by bus in less than two hours, and the cost to get there should be no more than 5 Euros.

So, for me, a few days touring Granada, combined with some time at the beach in Mortil, would make for a nice holiday for two reasons. Firstly, the trip would offer something that peaks two of my interests when it comes to travel. Secondly, I would really have time to see both places well because I would not be trying to cover too much ground in one trip.

Now, I realize that many people, particularly those on their first visit to Spain, may be tempted to try and cover many cities at once. Indeed, if you have never seen Europe before, you may be tempted to try and see many countries in one trip.

This is understandable, but not recommended. I have found that when traveling in Spain or anywhere else, you don’t really get to know anyplace better unless you have time to see it in some depth. Also, you can’t expect to get the best Spain travel deals, if you are spending a lot of time and money moving from place to place. In addition to spending a lot on transport, you’ll have less time to get to know where the best deals are in each city you visit.

So, try to find one city or area that peaks your interests (this blog can help you there), then make that the base for your Spain holiday. You’ll get to know the place better, and save money in the process.

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