Spain Travel Deals: Tourist Discounts in Madrid

I have written quite a lot on this blog already about how and where to find the best Spain travel deals when looking at accommodation and dining options. This is because these two elements of travel generally account for the largest part of your financial outlay on any holiday. That being said, there are some ways to save money on many of the activities you do while in Spain. Indeed, it is possible for tourists to find discounts on everything from sightseeing, to shopping, to enjoying a night out at a local club.

In this article, I want to discuss the Spain travel deals that can be had on a visit to the Spanish capital, when you choose to purchase the Madrid Card. I will do my best to outline for you what this card does and does not offer, and give my opinion as to when it represents the best value for a traveler.

Spain Travel Deals: Tourist Discounts in Madrid

First of all, the Madrid card is a discount card for tourists that will get you into a number of attractions and events in Madrid for free. It will also save you some money when you choose to purchase various products and services that are generally of interest to tourists.

Tourist sites are definitely the places that offer the greatest number of deals for Madrid Card holders. Indeed, you will be given free access to several dozen museums, and other areas of cultural significance in Madrid. The types of museums offering free access are quite varied, so there is certainly something for everyone in that respect. In my opinion, there are several sites granting free entry which I think represent the highlights of the Madrid Card’s offerings.

For art lovers, the Prado Museum is not to be missed. While in the capital, the royal palace, and royal monasteries are also must see destinations. As someone who is keenly interested in historical sites, I would put the Nation al Anthropology Museum on my list of top destinations as well. It has exhibits encompassing the full scope of Spanish history.

As I have already briefly mentioned, the card offers Spain travel deals on more than just tourist sites. You can save at nearly 50 restaurants, about 20 clubs, and a number of car rental companies among other things.

Now, do be aware that the card does not get you any discounts for public transport (although there are other discounts available for this that we will discuss later). However, it does give you free access to a sightseeing tour bus which I highly recommend. Using the bus, you will save time visiting sites, and help you get the full value out of the card.

You can purchase a Madrid Card that is valid for 1-3 days at tourist information centers throughout Madrid, or purchase it online. Prices range from 47 to 74 Euros ($70 to $110 USD).

I hope you found this article useful. Come back again soon for more Spain travel deals and information.

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