Spain Travel Deals: Traveling Over the Holiday Season

As the holiday season has now arrived for many of us, I wanted to take a minute to tell you about some of the Spain travel deals, and special advantages that can be had by those who choose to visit Spain during this time. Now, you may think that a summer holiday to Spain would be better, as the weather is sure to be more agreeable then. However, there are some very good reasons to visit Spain during this time of year.

In early December, Spanish city centers and shops are decorated for the Christmas holiday. You will see the familiar sights of Christmas lights and beautifully decorated trees throughout the country. One thing you will notice is that there is considerably less of a commercial element associated with the Christmas season in Spain than you might see in other countries. As someone who has visited Spain during this time of year, I can say that this makes for a trip that is quite calm and enjoyable.

That being said, if you do want to shop a bit during your time in Spain, early January can be a wonderful time to visit the country. You will have a better chance of finding Spain travel deals on airline tickets as those visiting family for the holidays will already have returned to work. However, it is near the end of the holiday season when you can often find great shopping deals. Shorty after Three Kings Day (January 6), many stores in Spain have their best sale prices of the year.

Spain Travel Deals: Traveling Over the Holiday Season

Also, let’s not forget the celebrations that can be enjoyed in Spain throughout the holiday season. New Years Eve is a huge event throughout the country, with special events in all major cities and throughout the hotels.

If you’re in Spain on the fifth of January, you can also enjoy the very popular street parades throughout the country. These are widely attended and feature some beautiful floats.

Finally, don’t forget the advantage of sightseeing at this time of year. The last time I visited Spain during the holiday season, I noticed that major tourist areas were significantly less crowded than they often tend to be during the summer months. Do bear in mind that some shops and tourist sites will be closed at times during the holiday period (particularly on Three King’s Day), but you can always find something to do. Given that Spanish winters are fairly mild, a walk along the beach in January is quite pleasant.

So, the holiday season can be an excellent time to look for spain travel deals if you’d like to combine your celebrations with a great trip.

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