Spain Travel Deals: Using YouTube for Travel research

To do this bit of travel research, we will be using YouTube. Now, you may be wondering how a video sharing site is useful for travel planning. What makes YouTube great is the huge amount of travel related video clips, and vacation slideshows that it contains. One of the first things many vacationers do when they return home is put up images and video from their trip on the YouTube site.

If you’re still wondering how this is useful, take a second to consider some of your own past travel experiences. How many times has a particular attraction or hotel looked good on paper, only to disappoint you on arrival? Many travel brochures will give you written details about a place, but show you little of what it is actually like.

With video this is not the case. You get to see the tourist attraction you’re curious about, or the resort you’re considering. In many cases the author of the video will also be giving you their impressions of the location as they film.

Spain Travel Deals: Using YouTube for Travel research

If you’re interested in Spain travel deals, do a YouTube search for the name of the resort you’re looking into, or a place you’re thinking of visiting, and see what you can find.

To give some examples, I ran a quick YouTube search for the Riu Monica Hotel. (This is a resort hotel in Nerja that I’ve written about on the blog). The search revealed a number of great videos that gave me an excellent look at the hotel’s rooms, its facilities, and the surrounding area.

For those wanting to learn more about tourist attractions, a quick search for Sagrada Familia on YouTube yielded among other things, a narrated history of the site which included some fantastic views. No matter which aspect of your Spain vacation you want to research a bit further, YouTube is likely to be of help.

Another often overlooked source of information is the comment section below each video. If you’ve got further questions about a place you saw in any video, you can usually post a comment below the video which the author of the clip can see and respond to. Given that they have been to the place you’re investigating, they can often help you out.

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