Spain Travel Deals: When to Travel to find the Best Airfares

When looking for the best Spain travel deals for your next vacation, one of the first things you are likely to be concerned with is finding a good deal on your airline ticket. Indeed, transportation to the country can be one of the largest expenditures associated with a trip to Spain. That being said, there are some things you can do to significantly decrease the amount of money you will need to pay for your travel ticket.

In this post, we will begin to look at how taking the time of year you plan to travel into consideration can have a big impact on ticker price, and how traveling outside of the main tourist season can have a number of other unforeseen cost benefits.

As you may already be aware, Spain’s summer months, (mainly June through August), tend to be the most expensive period of time to visit the country. The most obvious reason for this is clearly the weather. Indeed, if you are primarily interested in a beach holiday, this is the best time to visit any Mediterranean country for swimming and surfing.

Spain Travel Deals: When to Travel to find the Best Airfares

If however the beach is not going to be the primary reason for your holiday some great Spain travel deals can often be had by visiting the country in the winter months. In some countries, traveling during this time period will not make for the most pleasant experience, however, Spain’s winters can be considered quite mild as compared to say the northern United States.

In my most recent trip to Spain, I actually visited Barcelona in early January, and found the weather to be quite pleasant. Even the beaches were still very active during this trip, and enjoying lunch at one of the many seaside cafes was particularly enjoyable.

During this time period, in addition to the possibility of finding airfare discounted by a significant amount, you will also find that crowds at many popular tourist sites will be noticeably smaller. More reasonably priced accommodation can frequently be has in the off season as well.

If you go at the start of January as I did most recently, you will also be pleasantly surprised with the shopping deals you can find throughout the country. This is because after the Spanish holiday of Three Kings Day (January 6), stores tend to offer some of their best sale prices of the year. This is the perfect time to go looking for any special souvenirs you may want to purchase.

In doing your next online search for Spain travel deals, I would suggest looking at some winter dates using the calendar feature of any major airline ticket site. You may find airfare discounted by several hundred dollars as compared to the fares on offer for the summer months. I hope you will check back to this blog often, as we will be going into much more detail about how to find cheap airline tickets, and how to save on many other aspects of your Spain vacation.

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