Top Tourist Attractions in Spain

Some of the top tourist attractions in Spain are its beautiful temples and cathedrals. With a deep religious history, including heavy influence influence from both Christians and Muslims, faith has played a key tole in the shaping of Spain and its culture.

Luckily for us, many of Spain’s most striking places of worship, have been well maintained, and remain attractive tourist sites today. Leon’s Cathedral of Santa Maria de Regala, is one such place. Construction of this magnificent Gothic cathedral begin in the 13th century. As striking as this structure appears from the outside it is even more beautiful inside due to the unique lighting affects caused by its imposingly large windows.

Also highly impressive is the chapel which houses the ornate tomb of Ordono II, former King of Galicia and Leon. There are some unique museum exhibits within the cathedral as well. In short, any tourist to Spain with an interest in the religious history of the country should not miss this Leon attraction.

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